How To Recycling Used AC Radiator Condenser Evaporator


Why do we want to recycle the copper-aluminum radiator condenser?
The scrapping of automobiles and the upgrading of indoor air conditioners have produced a large number of waste copper and aluminum radiators, and because of the content of non-ferrous metals in the copper and aluminum radiators, the utilization value is large. With the rapid development of China’s economy and the greatly increased labor costs, the recycling and recycling treatment of air conditioning radiators in the past is no longer applicable, and the radiator copper-aluminum water tank separator is replaced.

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With the increasing number of electronic products, the demand for copper and aluminum is also increasing, and the recovery of copper and aluminum materials from waste copper and aluminum materials is simpler than that from ore, and the content is higher. The physical crushing and sorting of copper and aluminum in the air conditioning radiator water tank are carried out. The material is coarsely crushed by the first shredder machine and then crushed by the second crusher machine. The crushed material with the size of 3cm is sorted out of iron by magnetic separation and then carried out air separation in the airflow sorting.
Every year will produce a large number of air conditioning radiators, heating radiators, car air conditioning radiators and other waste products, not only pollute the environment and cause a waste of resources, which contains copper and aluminum radiators, recycling value is very high. In the face of a mountain of copper-aluminum water tanks, electronic waste, automobile dismantling waste, household appliances dismantling waste and other composite materials, large amount, value is not high, how to deal with them more reasonable? Copper-aluminum water tank is the electronic waste formed after the fine disassembly of the air conditioning water tank and automobile water tank. It is mainly composed of copper tubes and aluminum foil waste. The copper content of copper tubes can generally reach more than 97%.


How to recycling copper and aluminum from waste condenser radiators?
At present, the main method used is to crush and separate copper and aluminum through the crushing and recycling production line. The separation effect reaches 99%, which is the current environmental protection recycling method. Copper-aluminum crusher can be used in the interior of the waste radiator, scrap water tank, motor rotor and other copper-aluminum materials.
The copper and aluminum automatic separation device of waste air conditioning condenser includes conveyor belt, biaxial shredder, conveyor belt, hammer crusher, gravity separator, air separator, pulse dust removal device, power distribution cabinet, connected to the working parts, controlled by PLC. By adding an auxiliary device, the conveying link of the cyclone feeding device makes the raw material separation more detailed. Improve productivity and recovery quality.

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Advantages of condenser air conditioning radiator recycling machine:
Automatic copper and aluminum water tank crushing and separation equipment have occupied the radiator copper and aluminum water tank recycling industry market, the equipment is a collection of many technologies, compared with manual dismantling, more time and effort saving. The equipment needs less manual crushing of copper and aluminum water tanks. Large pieces of copper and aluminum water tank after the front shredder or shearing machine processing into smaller pieces through the conveyor belt to the crusher for crushing, broken into small metal particles sent to the sorting machine, during the magnetic separation device, the raw material doping of non-ferrous metals, iron and other impurities in the suction, copper and aluminum pure and clean, In the sorting machine, the physical properties of copper and aluminum are different to separate the two metals effectively, and then the pure copper and aluminum are obtained through the discharge port. Compared with the backward manual, the processing speed, sorting efficiency and degree of automation have a fault type of improvement, the loss degree is only 2-3 percentage points. The crushing and sorting equipment of copper and the aluminum water tank is more than half lower than the processing cost of dismantling workers. Mechanical separation equipment is no longer restricted by workers, and high efficiency, greater profit margins, attracting more and more investors to join.

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