How to recycling scrap electric motors


AC induction motors, which are most widely used in industrial drives, contain a stator coil that is made of copper or aluminum wire, while copper is most commonly used. If you are a metal recycler, you may want to separate out the copper winding from scrap electric motors, which will get you more money. A motor manufacturer may also have failed motors in hand waiting to be processed. In this regard, we have two methods to introduce to you.

How to recycling scrap electric motors

Recover by Using Simple Tools
1. Make sure the motor has not been used for at least one hour to avoid electric shock.
2. Cut off the items which are attached to the motor.
3. Loosen the screws on the steel case and then remove the case.
4. Use a pair of wire cutters or chop saw to cut off one side of the copper winding, and then pry the winding out by using a screwdriver on the other end.
5. Now you get the copper winding. You can go further to recycle aluminum and steel in the motor.
However, salvaging motors in this way is labor-intensive. If you have rich resources of scrap motor, you might consider a fast way to scrap the copper winding. The good news is that there are machines specially designed for recycling copper winding in the motor stator.

Electric Motor Recycling Machine
Electric motor recycling machine consists of two machines, copper wire cutting machine and copper wire pulling machine. The cutting machine cuts one end of the copper winding while pulling machine pulls the winding out.
The recycling machine has high efficiency but only consumes quite small amount of power. It can dismantle motor stator with the diameter of 6cm-50cm. There is no damage to the silicon steel case.
The copper winding is not bare but is generally coated in enamel, which protects the wire from shorting itself out. The copper content in a scrap motor varies according to the types of motor. Averagely, an AC motor contains 7-9 percent of copper.
If you are a motor recycler or manufacturer, you can start to consider buying motor stator recycling machine. It will save your effort greatly while bringing large profits to you.

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