How to recycle the plastic pallet or plastic tray


As we all know, plastic pallets or Plastic Tray are nothing more than carbon and hydrogen in terms of their atomic composition, so after recycling, incineration is a good solution, and mature experience abroad can be used for reference. Of course, waste plastic can regenerate fuel oil, which is even more attractive. The technical department of DOW Chemical Company estimates that the energy per pound of PS is equivalent to 75% of No. 2 fuel (20,000 British thermal units BTU). In addition, the recycled plastic pallets or Plastic Tray can be recycled and pelletized as injection molding materials. Some people in China also use impregnated PS pellets to re-impregnate the plastic pallets or Plastic Tray made of such recycled plastic pallets or Plastic Tray. Plastic tray waste made of paint and glue is also a successful experience. It is said that waste plastic pallets or Plastic Tray can be decomposed back into styrene monomer. Of course, to do this, a large amount of waste plastic pallets or Plastic Tray must be supplied. In summary, the so-called “white pollution” of plastic trays is essentially a recycling problem of waste plastic trays. Obviously, not littering the waste and requiring all citizens to do it seriously is indeed a rather daunting task.
No matter how seriously we raise national environmental awareness, we will only talk about the recycling of plastic pallets or Plastic Tray from the industry itself.

waste plastic pallet tray recycling

First, “recycling plastic pallets or Plastic Tray can develop plastic pallets or Plastic Tray.” “White pollution” is caused by waste from plastic pallets or Plastic Tray. A large number of discarded plastic pallets or Plastic Tray are not recycled, and it is unacceptable for people to cause pollution to the environment. The rejection of plastic pallet products in some places and some industries is enough to illustrate the seriousness of the problem. Obviously, we have done a good job of recycling, eliminated pollutants, and turned waste into treasure. In this way, the plastic tray industry can be developed without hesitation. Many advantages of plastic trays are fully utilized in the packaging industry. 3. Beautify goods and reduce losses caused by poor packaging.
Second. Organize and set up the National Plastic Pallet Recycling Association. At present, plastic tray recycling associations have been established in the Americas and Europe, and eight countries and regions including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong have participated in the Asian Plastic Pallet Recycling Association. And the participating organizations are mainly manufacturers of plastic pallet raw materials and products. In order to develop their own industry and for the benefit of themselves and the public, they must do a good job of recycling their products. There is no other way.
Third. Recycling expenses for extracting plastic pallets or Plastic Tray. We should learn from the good experience of other countries, and in the process of selling plastic pallet raw materials and products, withdraw some funds necessary for recycling plastic pallets or Plastic Tray. In Europe, a recycling fee of 0.1 DM has to be paid per kg of plastic pallet products. In China, if one yuan per kilogram is collected as a recycling fee, there will be 14 million recycling costs throughout the year, plus the benefits of recycling, which will ensure the smooth progress of the recycling of plastic trays from a financial perspective.
Fourth, the above work must be supported by the government, that is, legislation must be made. The production of plastic tray foam requires legislation to collect fees; there are incentives to collect plastic trays; the entire recycling process, up to the scientific research and production process using waste foam, must be supported by state taxation. All in all, the recycling of waste foam is a technically feasible and economically beneficial implementation condition. As long as this work is consistent in understanding, solid measures can be done well. We can conclude that the plastic pallet industry must take the road to recycle. Only by doing a good job of recycling can we truly eliminate “white pollution”. Only when recycling is concentrated, can “pollution” be turned into waste and eventually promote the healthy development of the plastic tray industry. With such a virtuous cycle, plastic trays can become a good product for protecting the environment.

Based on decades of recycling experience, WANROOETECH has the following recycling programs:

First Plant: one time plastic pallet tray crusher

Second Plant : single shaft shredder + crusher

Third Plant : double shaft shredder + crusher

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