how to recycle medicine blister packs?


Why we need recycling medicine blister packs?
Aluminum plastic plates and medicine blister packs are waste materials generated by pharmaceutical manufacturers or medical institutions, and the angle, and there are single-sided aluminum plates and double-sided aluminum plates. The aluminum content of single-sided aluminum plastic plate is generally 10-12%, and the double-sided aluminum is higher. Plastic is generally a PVC material, and there is also a PP material. Aluminum-plastic drops separation is a set of process flows into aluminum and plastics. Aluminum can be made into aerated aluminum paste, fireworks and powder, etc., plastic can be processed into a sheet, do other PVC other materials.

recycling medicine blister packs machine application Areas:
The waste aluminum-plastic crushing and sorting equipment is a device that completely separates the aluminum-plastic composite material into aluminum and plastic. The raw materials come from the corner scraps of pharmaceutical factories, aluminum-plastic board factories, food and beverage plants and other aluminum foil packaging industries, waste soft bags, capsule plates and toothpaste skins in waste stations.

plastic aluminum recycling machine application

recycling medicine blister packs machine description:
Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine is used for recovery of waste aluminum-plastic materials, can put the aluminum and plastic separation, aluminum plastic separator adopts crushing, grinding, separating, dust removing technology process to achieve completely & simultaneously separating recycling aluminum metal and plastic powder. And the recycled aluminum powder can be sold directly to the aluminum reclamation plants and fireworks and firecrackers plants, the PVC powder also can be sold in the market as the re-process materials.

Recycling medicine blister packs machine video:

Medicine blister packs process flow:

plastic aluminum recycling process 

Recycling medicine blister packs machine components:

aluminum plastic crusher granulators Aluminum Plastic pulverizer grinding machine
The aluminum plastic material is initially crushed into pieces of 10mm or less through the crusher.
Grinding Machine
The flakes from the crusher are ground into an aluminum-plastic mixed powder by a mill.
Pulse Dust Collecter
Electrostatic Separator
After the electrostatic separator, the aluminum and plastic are separated.
Pulse Dust Collector
Collect dust from products during the grinding process to prevent pollution.

Recycling medicine blister packs machine technical features:
1. High automation program, simple operation and stable performance;
2. The separation efficiency of electro-selection is up to 99%, and the finished product can be sold directly;
3. No wastewater discharge, real green environmental sorting, no secondary pollution;
4, low power consumption, low noise, small footprint, no dust pollution;
5. Wide range of sorting materials, fast sorting speed;
6. The aluminum-plastic sorting and reusing treatment equipment adopts water-cooled and air-cooled turbine mills, which make the material separation more clean and adapt to a wider variety of materials.

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