How to recycle battery?


Why should we recycle battery?
Waste batteries contain a lot of heavy metals and electrolyte solutions, such as waste acids and alkalis. If waste batteries are discarded freely, they will destroy our water sources and erode our plants and land. Therefore, all batteries need to be recycled, not only to protect the environment but also to reuse the useful components within the batteries and save resources.

How to recycle battery

How to recycle battery?
Mechanical separation methods refer to the disassembly and separation of batteries where the battery components (e.g. electrode activity, collector and shell) are crushed, sieved, magnetically separated, refined and sorted to obtain valuable high-quality materials.
Among other things, the physical separation process includes crushing, screening, magnetic separation, fine crushing and sorting.


Cell shredders and cell crushers to reduce the size
Sieves with different holes for sorting and crushing materials


Magnetic separation and eddy current separation for further processing and preparation for the subsequent chemical leaching process.
Finally, after battery crushing, we can obtain 99% pure plastic, 98% pure non-ferrous metals (e.g. iron) and 99% pure ferrous metals (e.g. Cobalt, Nickel, Maganese).


Without battery shredders (battery crushers), the huge market demand for lithium-ion batteries has resulted in a large number of waste batteries. How to deal with these waste lithium-ion batteries to reduce the environmental impact is an urgent issue. On the other hand, in order to cope with the huge market demand, manufacturers have produced a large number of lithium-ion batteries.


Advantages of the battery shredder
The battery shredder is designed with a single shaft, allowing you to load a large number of discharged batteries. After passing through the screen, particles of less than 40 mm are obtained. Thanks to the automatic fire extinguisher, we minimize the possibility of sparks and fire.


The pusher is constantly in contact with the rotor, thus ensuring maximum productivity.


Some people may claim that the knives for battery debris do not last long. However, our special alloy hardened blades can shred 3 times longer.


Wanrooe has developed the recycling of used batteries because of its great economic and ecological value. The battery shredder is used in combination with metal separation.


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