How to operate PVC high speed mixer correctly?


The PVC high-speed mixer must have experienced specialists responsible for boot operation and operate in strict accordance with the operation procedures.

A, check items before the PVC high-speed mixer
1. Detailed inspection of the device connecting components and must be tightened.
2. Whether the various windings are flexible, whether the agitator is securely installed, whether the spindle rotation is light.
3, the triangle belt should be uniformly tightened, whether the bolt on the motor seat is unpredictable.
4, the inner cavity of the mixed container should be cleaned, no dunder.
5. Check whether the direction of rotation of the motor is consistent with the mark indication direction.

PVC high-speed mixer video:

B, PVC high-speed mixer mode precautions
1. When the motor of the high-speed mixer should be smooth, there is no abnormal sound, often check whether the temperature rise is normal.
2, the spindle bearing, triangle pulley and other rotation parts are normal, if there is abnormal noise or vibration, immediately stop checking, and the repair is replaced immediately.
3. When replacing the material machine color, the mixed container and the discharge site must be cleaned.
4. The equipment is not exceeded exceeding the highest load factor. When the device is running, if the additional plasticizer should slowly add, the plasticizer must not suddenly pour the plasticizer into the body, resulting in a local material agglomeration, resulting in the sudden increase in the load, damaging the equipment.

C, different material mixing time is also different, such as the mixing time of the particle masterbatch is generally about 10 minutes, the mixing time of the PVC powder is generally 15 minutes, set a good mixing time, high-speed mixer to complete the mixture The rear cylinder automatically discharges into the silo to use the host. The PVC high-speed mixer is used for a period of time, to be checked, add butter, if it is not used for a long time, please clean the pot to prepare for the next use.

D, PVC high-speed mixer electrical protection and control instructions
The electric control box is vertical, separated from the mixer, and the electric heating current table is equipped with electric heating current table, the heating temperature, the material temperature, the cold mixing temperature indication, the start of the mixer, the stop button, the opening of the unloading door, the shutdown, etc. . An automatic air switch DZ0 is provided in the inner side of the box, and the automatic air switch DZ0 is provided as total protection, all load and control loops are connected to this switch. When this switch is disconnected, the device is all powered off.

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E, PVC high-speed mixer installation use and maintenance
1, install:
The hybrid unit is installed on the cement foundation or a firm steel frame, respectively. Correct the horizontal position and secure it with six-foot bolts. Hot mixed heat resistance is heated, and the high-combustion point mechanical oil in the heating housing is evenly transmitted to the pot. Cold mixing is cooled by water, and the inner and outer casing is uniformly cooled. The power cord is accessed by an underground air tube.
2, use and maintenance:
Before the machine test, the connected power supply, gas source, etc. should be carefully checked whether the requirements of the machine are consistent. Each part are fully installed, and the circuit diagram checks the circuit of the installation time without errors, each lubrication point should be completed with the specified lubricant (grease), wake the anti-rust oil throughout the machine.
The thermal mix starts from the low-speed no-load start and then performs the high-speed no-load operation. Heat, cold mixing direction should be consistent with the body sign indication, performing air operation for 10 minutes, and check whether the pot cover insurance limit switch and pneumatic part are normal, whether the unloading door is starting, after the test is running, Start production.
After the machine is used, if there is no need for a short time, the inner wall and stirring paddle should be carefully wiped, and the anti-rust oil should be applied when not used for a long time.
Requirements of each lubling point:
Mixer set spindle, 4 sodium base grease (GB492-89) lubricated daily.
The machine should be performed once a year, replace the seals, check the electrical lines and components.
1. When hot mixing is heated at the upper-end interface, the screw hole should not be blocked, which is convenient for oil temperature ventilation.
2. The unit does not allow the load start and frequent starting, and the hot mix is ​​high at high speed, and then add it. It should not be stopped.
3. The rise in the lid should first remove the fastening handle and the coupling interface site to prevent damage to the lid.

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