How to e-waste recycling rightly?


On the one hand, with the development of the internet, electronic products are updating, which causes more and more e-waste in our life. Maybe you have heard that in some developing countries, the problem of e-waste is very serious, and the environmental pollution caused by it threatens the health of local residents. So if e-waste isn’t processed rightly, it will do great harm to our environment. Besides, more and more countries have banned the import and export of e-waste, so recycling e-waste will be a very good chance to start a business.


On the other hand, is old e-waste really entirely worthless? No, there are large metals and precious metals in old e-waste, such as copper, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc, which can be recycled and reused in different industries. So we can use the right method to recycle e-waste, which not only reduces environmental pollution but also improves income.

e-waste recycling machine, pcb recycling machine

Then, how how to e-waste recycling rightly? Here are e-waste recycling equipment working process animation. You can watch it in detail.



This equipment is used to process PCB boards. If your raw material with electronic components, you also need a PCB dismantling machine, which can dismantle the electronic components from waste circuit boards.


The detailed introduction of e-waste recycling equipment working process:

1. Input waste circuit boards into shredders, the waste circuit boards will be shredded into small particles.

2. Crush them into small granules, which metals and resin fiber will be separated but still mix together

3. Then metals and resin fiber will be transferred to the eddy-vibrating screen, to control the crushed size, when they are small enough, they will go to the air separator to be separated, if still big, they will go back to the crusher to crush again

4. Metals and resin be separated by an air separator and electrostatic separator.

5. At last we collect the separated pure metals and resin fiber.


Using e-waste recycling equipment to recycle e-waste is the best method to solve the e-waste hazards. If you are interested in it, please contact us!


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