How to do the lubrication work of plastic granulator?


The plastic pelletizing machine can turn waste into treasure, which greatly promotes our economic progress. We must strictly observe the strict operation of the plastic pelletizing machine, regularly maintain the plastic pelletizing machine, and regularly treat the plastic pelletizing machine. The parts are lubricated to ensure the normal operation of the plastic granulator. What is the lubrication work of the plastic granulator?

In the process of using the plastic pelletizing machine, regular lubrication should be added to ensure better use of the parts, thus improving the service life of the plastic granulator. The plastic granulator should ensure that the oil overflows when refueling. In addition, it does not flow around the machine and on the ground, so it is not only easy to contaminate the material, but also affect the quality of the product.

The turbine box of the plastic granulator must store the oil for a long time. During the use of the plastic granulator, it is necessary to ensure that the new oil is changed once every three months to avoid contamination of the oil and affect the use effect, resulting in wear of the parts.

The cabinet of the plastic pelletizing machine should be fully refueled before opening and can be added according to the temperature rise and operation of each bearing during operation. When operating the plastic granulator, you need to check the temperature change of the body at any time. When you touch the sliver with a clean hand, you should immediately heat up until the strip is in the normal position.

When the noise of the plastic granulator reducer shaft occurs, we should promptly hear the filling lubricant and keep it lubricated so as not to affect the normal operation of the plastic pelletizing machine. The operator should be familiar with the operation of the machine. When the machine temperature is too high and the speed is too slow, we should adjust it according to the situation to ensure the operation of the plastic granulator.

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