How To Choose The Right Scrap Steel Shredder Crusher


The abundant exploitation of the earth’s available energy makes the economic level of our country keep the trend of good development, which leads to irreversible contradictions such as over-exploitation, insufficient resources and environmental pollution. In people’s continuous exploration and research, “scrap steel” has become precious and become the second resource of the steel industry. Many factories and smelters use processed scrap steel as the main raw material for production, which not only saves costs, but also is more environmentally friendly. The waste steel mainly comes from the social scrap recycling institutions, which accounts for about 60% of the amount of scrap steel, which is the main source of scrap steel in China. The second is the steel mill produced scrap; In addition, although China has become a large steel-producing country, China’s overall steel reserves are not very sufficient, so the total amount of domestic scrap steel can not meet the demand for scrap steel steelmaking, about 1/4 of the amount depends on imports, to make up for the lack of domestic scrap steel resources, it can be seen that scrap steel is also a very important resource.

Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to environmental protection in the world. The development of environmental protection is one of the important policies and strategies in China. Scrap steel shredder crusher, as the main production equipment of the scrap industry, plays a particularly important role in the recovery and processing of the scrap front section. The material treated by scrap crusher has high purity, unified specifications and low non-ferrous metal content, which meets the requirements of “high-quality scrap”. As a result, Scrap steel shredder crusher factories have mushroomed around the world. The rapid development of the Scrap steel shredder crusher industry has brought a variety of models and functions to meet the needs of various customers. Some friends after attention to the economic benefits of the scrap steel industry, after simple just want to invest in production, but will only lead to blind investment later mismanagement, because the device to the customer the profit space is very big, so a set of steel scrap crusher equipment must not cheap, so when the choose and buy, we must determine what is their production requirements:
1. the customer first to determine their own processing material type, the output per hour, this is the most important, related to the selection of how much equipment, followed by the size of the transformer power.
2. The size of the feed port determines the size of the material to be broken. If it is beyond the range, it should be pre-broken before being put into the crushing chamber. The corresponding should be equipped with pre-crushing shears or double shaft shredding machine.
3. Output is the production capacity of scrap steel crusher, generally measured by every hour.
4. The scale of self-built plant is one of the factors affecting the installation of equipment. If the equipment purchased is too large, it will lead to installation difficulties. So the area must be considered clearly.

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