How to choose the right blade sharpening machine


Don’t buy what is most expensive, buy what is most suitable. How the user is able to choose and buy the right knife sharpener facilities is decided according to the specific needs.
According to the needs of users and the market, WANROOETECH has developed a variety of models and specifications of the knife sharpener, for users to choose from. Aimed at the blade material, length, cutting edge type, cutting data, cutting precision, and the blade unit that needs to be grinded every day, the grade of the blade sharpening machine used, the maximum grinding length, the active level also has a responsibility to the same.

First, the material of the blade, the international blade or the general blade (such as the printing cutter blade, carpenter’s blade, etc.), the Futian brand series knife grinder can be grinding, aiming at the overseas export knife, or hard alloy steel knife, we recommend the use of knife grinder but the grinding wheel is different.
Two, the required length of the grinding tool, the maximum grinding length of WANROOETECH blade sharpening machine from 1.6m to 10M, can basically meet the world’s various lengths of flat blades. For example, “PNMD-1600B”, “1600” mean that the maximum grinding length is 1600MM. If there is a blade exceeding 10M, it can be customized.
Three, the blade type is normally a single blade, that is, the demand for a position of grinding can be, or after the adjustment of the grinding position to stop repeated double grinding. Therefore, the international end grinding machine is also a single (grinding) grinding head grinding machine, as long as grinding machine has two grinding heads, can stop the grinding of the two positions of the blade simultaneously.
Fourth, cutting materials and precision, knife grinder grinding blade, secondary to plate strip straight-edge blade, can cutting cardboard packaging, printing paper, copy paper, plastic film, plastic leather goods, such as tablets, meat demand of all nationalities in the middle of the straight edge blade cutting, multi-purpose is printing paper, paper making, carpenter, plastic leather, health care and other undertakings. There is no same cutting data, there is no same cutting precision request, according to the cutting precision is not the same, to choose or reject the same type of tool grinder.
Five, daily grinding blade units, Wanrooetech knife grinder users include large and medium-sized books and newspapers, printing plants, knife grinder core and collective households, there is no same user type, knife grinder units are not the same, the request of the task frequency and consumption rate of the knife grinder is not the same, are subject to the active level of the response of the knife grinder. In addition, users of the knife grinder are choosing the knife grinder, and also need to pay attention to the number of points:
(1) to understand their own blade sharpening needs and economic force, according to the practice needs to have alignment at the facility.
(2) Survey of supplier manufacturers: main forces such as enterprise consumption and scientific research stagnation, market ownership of facilities and brand reputation.
(3) how to guarantee the after-sale service of goods, whether the service system can be perfect, and whether the service quality can keep up with the demand for the enterprise users attached to the processing, such as the core of the knife grinder, but also the demand is to judge the foundation of the market of the blade sharpening machine.
(4) market synthesis of surrounding conditions: the blade unit and the blade sharpening machine quality request.
(5) We should also unite with our own economic forces.
(6) the appropriate amount of reference to the manufacturer’s proposals or views.
Through the introduction of this article, I hope to bring some suggestions to some customers. When choosing the blade sharpening machine, we should take comprehensive consideration, so as to build customer confidence in the blade sharpening machine.

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