How to choose copper granulator machine?


There are many kinds of used cables and wires that have been used or replaced. The purpose of the copper rice machine is to overcome the loss of copper and other by-products when regenerating and processing used cables and wires, making it more scientific and automated. The use of copper granulator machine to lift copper saves time and effort, high metal recovery rate, high sorting purity and good sorting effect. However, the choice of dry powder copper granulator machine is a big question, the purchase of copper rice machine need to consider two major factors: namely, internal factors (raw material characteristics, equipment specifications, equipment quality) and external factors (plant area, cost budget, etc.).

Internal factors to consider when choosing a copper granulator

I. Characteristics of raw materials
According to the different characteristics of raw materials, such as the degree of coarseness and fineness, whether with plugs, whether it contains iron or aluminum and other metals, the standard configuration of the copper granulator machine to adjust accordingly. wanrooe copper granulator machine standard configuration mainly includes knife crusher, air specific gravity sorter and pulse dust removal device. If you want to process copper wire with a diameter <3mm or less, wanrooe engineers will add electrostatic sorter after airflow specific gravity sorter to take advantage of the difference in electrical charge between metal and plastic to sort out the copper left in plastic, and the metal recovery rate has reached 99.9%.

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In addition, wanrooe also offers a full line of configured copper granulator machines, which consists of twin shaft shredder, knife crusher, airflow specific gravity sorter, double layer iron remover, linear vibrating screen and electrostatic sorter. Whether the waste cable and wire you collect is the household square wire or fine miscellaneous wire, whether it contains iron, aluminum and other metals or plugs, the full-line configuration of the copper granulator machine can be 99.9% high separation rate to separate copper and plastic.

Second, the equipment specifications
Equipment specifications are closely related to the size of the processing capacity, configuration and other factors. wanrooe copper granulator machine provides PNCR-300 (100-200kg / h), PNCR-400 (200-300kg / h) , PNCR-500 (300-500kg / h) and PNCR-1000 (800-1000kg / h) three different sizes of copper granulator machine, undeniably, PNCR-1000 copper granulator machine processing capacity is greater, high capacity, high configuration, customers can choose as needed. With high configuration, customers can choose according to their needs.

Third, the quality of equipment
Talking about the quality of equipment, you need to pay attention to the manufacturing process of the copper rice machine, equipment materials and the design of its detailed parts. For example, the material of the blade in the crusher will directly affect its wear resistance and service life. wanrooe knife crusher chooses wear-resistant SKD-11 material blade, toughness, anti-crumbling strong, will not need to often disassemble the grinding blade or replace the blade and affect productivity.

External factors to consider when choosing a copper granulator machine
In addition to internal factors, external factors such as plant area and cost budget should not be overlooked. wanrooe copper granulator machine is designed as a single unit, covering a small area, but the specific plant area also needs to consider the daily processing capacity, equipment footprint, basic function rooms, etc., and to reserve a certain amount of space to avoid congestion. Cost budget can be based on raw material costs, equipment costs, plant costs, operating costs, copper prices, etc. to examine the accounting. For more information about plant area and cost budget, please continue to pay attention to wanrooe.

wanrooe can be adjusted according to customer needs, copper granulator machine equipment configuration program, to achieve customer diversified processing needs, such as equipment needs, we also provide copper recycling plant, welcome to consult the order!