How to choose a right design shredder blades?


Shredder Blades
Shredder has very wide applications in many industries for size reduction purpose. How to guarantee the shredder quality? One of the most important factors is the quality of shredder blades or shredder knives. So it is essential to choose a right design and good material shredder blades to suit your own material shredding.


How to choose a right design shredder blades?
High-speed shredder blades and low-speed shredder blades are quite different, because each of them is more applicable for the size reduction of some specific materials. Normally single shaft shredder belongs to the high-speed shredder, while double shaft shredder belongs to the low-speed shredder. Single shaft shredder owns both rotating cutters and stationery cutters for effective shredding. Rotating cutters are reversible and you can use it for four times before replacement. This kind of high-speed cutter design is very suitable for molding plastics, wood blocks, and cardboard boxes etc. Double shaft shredder only has the rotary cutters but they are high-resistant knives which make it capable to cut off very stubborn materials like scrap tires, old appliances and scrap electrical wire and cable etc. So you should clearly know your shredding materials and choose the right design shredder blades to cut your material.


How to guarantee the shredder blades quality?
Shredder blades normally needs to have several processes including material preparation, forging, tempering, primary processing, heat treatment, surface grinding, wire cutting and finishing. Below are some important points to guarantee the blades quality:

First, use the high quality materials for the blades. For example, SKD11, HSS,9CRSI are three different materials and the blade price for them are quite different. Also it is better to use wear-resistant welding wire for hardfacing on the shredder blade to improve its wear resistance and service life.

Second, use the advanced heat treatment. For hardness, blades need to be heat treated and triple tempered for the sake of better wear resistance ability and longer working life.

Third, use high precision equipment to ensure the size of blades, parallelism and accuracy.


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