How can straight knife sharpening machine sharpen knife


The sharpness of straight knife sharpening machine is affected by many factors. The following are several main factors that affect the sharpness of knife sharpening machine:

1. The influence of installation and adjustment of straight knife grinding machine on knife grinding:
(1) The installation of straight knife sharpening machine should pay attention to stability, prevent vibration, the fasteners are connected firmly, the rotation of the knife sharpening head should be stable, prevent beating and swinging. Otherwise do not sharpen the blade, and appear serrated edge.
(2) The cutter head should be perpendicular to the horizontal plane, otherwise, it will not sharpen the blade.
(3) the position of the grinding tool should be 6 mm away from the disk surface, located in the middle of the disk radius, the position of the grinding tool is not correct, easy to cause the blade grinding. The length of the boom also affects, and reduces the sharpening stroke, sharpening the blade.
(4) For the mechanical drive knife grinder, the triangle belt should have the appropriate tension, and ensure that the knife grinding head reaches the rated speed. The low rotational speed of the cutter head affects the grinding effect.

Straight knife sharpening machine video:

2. The influence of abrasive ingredients on knife grinding:
(1) too much emery in the abrasive; The blade is scratched with a thick layer of emery, the blade is easy to wear, and the blade is not easy to sharpen.
(2) the emery in the abrasive is too little: the blade is not easy to sharpen, the blade grinding time is long, easy to annealing, deformation.

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3. Influence of operation method on knife sharpening:
(1) the uneven pressure makes the blade wear, and the sharpness of each tooth of the blade is not consistent. When swinging the blade, the uneven pressure will make the blade bulge.
(2) Excessive pressure; Easy to cause blade annealing, deformation. Shorten blade life.
(3) The pressure is too small, the blade can not smoothly fit on the cutter head, easy to produce partial wear, beating and middle bulge.
(4) the swing speed is too fast; It is easy to scrape off the abrasive, easy to break the cutter teeth, not easy to master the balance of the blade, resulting in uneven pressure and easy to produce partial wear and middle bulge.
(5) The swinging speed is too slow to accelerate the wear of the blade, shorten the service life of the blade, and easily cause the annealing of the blade.
(6) Short sharpening stroke; The blade is not sharpened, and the middle surface of the knife grinding disk will soon sag, shortening the service life of the knife grinding disk. Therefore, the sharpening stroke should be as long as possible.
(7) the grinding time is too long on the grinding head of the paste emery cloth: the blade is easy to annealing and deformation.

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