Hospital Waste Shredder

Medical waste is waste generated in hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes, animal clinics, blood banks, dental clinics or home health care, which may be contaminated with blood, body fluids or other infectious substances. Medical waste is first disinfected using microwave, steam or other means, then reduced in size using a medical waste shredder and then landfilled, recycled or made into fuel.
Hospital Waste Shredding is a critical process in the disposal of medical waste and often places high demands on shredder specifications. This is because medical waste contains not only hard materials such as glass and metal but also soft materials such as cotton gauze. WANROOETECH designs and manufactures shredders for the safe disposal of medical and pharmaceutical waste, and our PNSS series double-shaft shredders can work in the harsh environment of medical waste disposal, reducing the volume and size of medical waste.

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