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Environmental Hopper dryer(With Hot Air Recycle System)


1.The new generation of the standard hot-air dryers, improved functions to be more environmentally concerned.

2.Energy-saving. Decreasing heat loss recycling, save electricity efficiently.

3.Improved efficiency concentration of thermal energy.

4.Environment cleaning.Airtight design, able to filter out powder material during drying circles, eliminate contamination, decrease the high temperature of the working environment brought by drying.

5.Special filter with high-temperature resistance;

6.Optional for special blower able to withstand high temperature as 150 Celsius degree assuring safe operation.

Working Principle:

Hot air from electric heater pipe works on raw material, hot moist is brought into a hot air recycling system, which is installed with filter internally, then powder in hot air filtered out, and moisture will evaporate, clean hot air blows back to the dryer for another cycle.

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