Five Principles For Selecting Bulky Waste Shredder Machine


Bulky waste shredder machine is one of the key machinery and equipment in the shredding manufacturing industry. Choosing a good bulky waste shredder machine can further improve the company’s high production and product quality. On the contrary, a metal crusher will also produce many bad results for the company.

Bulky Waste Shredding Machine
Bulky waste is waste that is too large to be removed regularly. Usually includes all kinds of furniture and home appliances, such as wardrobes, mattresses, sofas, tables, refrigerators, TVs, washing machines, bathtubs, toilets, etc. Shredding and reducing the volume of bulky waste can reduce transport costs and landfill space. At the same time, there are more reusable materials in bulky waste, such as wood, leather, etc. that can be incinerated to produce electricity and plastics, metals, glass, etc. that can be recycled.

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Below Wanrooetech bulky waste shredder machine manufacturers to a long time of production and sales experience of the actual summary of five points:
1. Before selecting, we need to look at the steel plate material of the bulky waste shredder machine. The thickness of the thick steel plate must meet certain requirements.
2. The operation scale of the bulky waste shredder machine must be based on the output of the design scheme and the comprehensive solution capacity. Taking into account all the normal solution capacity of the metal crusher is related to the type of materials, feeding specifications, size, relative density, and feeding specifications.
3. The type of shredder machine should be selected according to the characteristics and specifications of the shred materials.
4. Ecological and environmental protection measures should be set for the application of bulky waste shredder machines. For dry trial mill at room temperature, dust removal device should be used to avoid dust environment pollution air; Use adequate countermeasures to remove vibration; Use proper sound insulation and noise reduction equipment to reduce noise.
5. Safeguard measures shall be adopted for the bulky waste shredder machine and its whole process. When there is something in the crushed material, appropriate preventive measures should be adopted, such as installing sprinkler faucets and other aspects of protection.

Bulky waste shredder machine production and processing types, high production efficiency, can not remove dirt, with moderate screening equipment, can be mixed in scrap metal harm to iron screening out, get very pure light metal raw materials. The cause and development trend of the Bulky waste shredder machine is closely related to the development trend of the shredding mechanism industry. In the beginning, only some light materials are solved. With the increase of understanding, and the appearance of the advantages of crushing scrap steel, all kinds of shredders have been continuously developed and designed, and the application scope is also wider and wider.

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