Five characteristics of the blade sharpening machine


The blade sharpening machine mainly targets the grinding of metal equipment such as car knife, drill, milling cutter, engraving, computer engraving machine, engraving milling machine, processing, CNC, intramography, engraving machine, marking machine and other metal equipment. So what is the characteristic of the sharpening machine? Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the sharpening machine.

1. The design of the grinding machine body is changed, and the original loose frame structure is a steel sheet closed welding structure. It greatly improves the strength of the body, an increase, prolonging its service life.
2. The collective after the welding of the steel sheet metal material is used to adequate vibration aging treatment process, and the degree of natural deformation of the whole machine is significantly eliminated.
3. the transmission part changes the original belt drive into the rack drive, overcome the uneven walking speed so that reliability and stability are guaranteed.
4. a modified grinding machine grinding head swing angle is 30 ° to the original design of the swing rotation angle greater than 90 °, making the upper and lower workpieces and replacement grinding wheels, faster.
5. the automatic feed design is used when the grinding head is processed, and the degree of automation is improved. Effectively saving manual feedback to the human and time, improve the operator’s labor.
The above content is the characteristics of the blade sharpening machine. I hope you can help you. If you have this need, please contact us, we will be happy to serve you, and it is recommended that you do the maintenance work of the blade sharpening machine, guarantee grinding The knife is working properly while extending its service life.

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