• Film Non-Woven Fabric Melt Blown Fabric Granulator

Film Non-Woven Fabric Melt Blown Fabric Granulator

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Film Non-Woven Fabric Melt Blown Fabric Granulator Description:

The environmentally friendly low temperature pelletizer machine is designed with good reliability and stability. The host adopts a well-known frequency converter for speed regulation, which saves energy and is beneficial for environmental protection. It has a simple structure and a high degree of automation, Squeeze, granulate, and cool the thin film material (bulk material) at room temperature.
Low temperature pelletizer machines can solve the problems of various manufacturers’ accumulation of leftover materials and online granulation of leftover sheets and can generate good economic benefits.

Film Non-Woven Fabric Melt Blown Fabric Granulator Parts

Film Non-Woven Fabric Melt Blown Fabric Granulator Application:

Low temperature pelletizer machine will not change its chemical composition, especially for the granulation and recycling of materials such as PE film, PVC film, PO film, waterproof material (polypropylene fiber), etc,

Film Non-Woven Fabric Melt Blown Fabric Granulator Application

Working principle:

1. Linkage with film-making machine: During the film making process, the dispatched film scraps are immediately fed into the traction mechanism of the granulator. The extrusion mechanism melts the scraps and extrudes them into the mold, which then cuts them evenly by the pelletizing mechanism. The particles are then sucked in by the feeding cooling mechanism and sent into the cooling pipeline, and finally transported to the customer’s collection device to complete the waste recycling.
2. Used for slitting machine: to orderly roll the cut edge materials onto the paper core, and send them in rolls to granulation for granulation.



Using physical extrusion cutting without heating
Wide range of uses: plastic films and non-woven fabrics
Green, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, low noise
Using PLC program editor
Cold pressing does not change the plastic composition of plastics
Beautiful appearance, simple and convenient operation

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Model WRFP-75E WRFP-90E WRFP-125E WRFP-150E
Screw diameter (mm) 75 90 125 150
Extruder motor (kw) 11 15 30 45
Cutter motor (kw) 0.75 0.75 1.5 1.5
Fan motor(kw) 0.75+0.75 0.75+1.5 2.2+1.5 2.2+1.5
Frequency converter motor (kw) 11KV/0.75KW 15KV/1.5KW 30KV/1.5KW 45KV/1.5KW
Total power(kw) 14 19 35 50
Capacity(kg/h) 60 80 150 200
Dimensions (mm) 1650*1300*650 1800*1450*800 2200*1600*1100 2450*1050*1500
Weight(kg) 700 850 1400 1800