Eccentric and concentric eddy current sorting machine which is better?


Eccentric and concentric eddy current sorting machine structure diagram

Eccentric and concentric eddy current sorting machine structure diagram

Concentric magnetic pole technology refers to all the magnetic poles rotating around a concentric axis, eccentric magnetic pole technology is based on a concentric axis, through the bearing and adjustment device to adjust the concentric magnetic roller to the outer barrel side, and then the magnetic roller can be adjusted up and down according to the material situation within 15 degrees to control the starting point of the material to improve the sorting rate of small materials.


1, magnetic roller diameter: concentric sorter magnetic roller diameter of 325mm, magnetic roller diameter of 325mm eccentric sorter core outer barrel diameter of 580mm.


2, the role of the area: concentric equipment magnetic field induction area for the sector, eccentric equipment magnetic field induction area for a line.


3, suitable for materials: because the role of the area for the fan so concentric equipment is suitable for sorting large flow of materials, eccentric equipment is because the force for a line, so not suitable for large flows of materials sorting, easy to cause leakage, etc., eccentric equipment suitable for materials through less, small material diameter material sorting, the jumping position can be adjusted down to a certain extent to improve the sorting rate of small materials, but 325 diameter concentric equipment The effect is not very big if we talk about the concentric equipment of 275 diameters or 285 diameters, the sorting rate can be increased by about 5%.


4, the cost of equipment: the same number of magnetic poles eccentric equipment because of an additional set of bearing adjustment system, equipment sorting cylinder diameter also increased, so the production cost will also have a corresponding increase, usually priced at 580 diameters than 325 diameter equipment expensive 10,000 or so.

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Concentric type and eccentric type sorting machine advantages and disadvantages of comparison:

Concentric eddy current sorter with high-cost performance, good sorting effect, large capacity, low maintenance costs, low cost of accessories and other advantages is currently the most widely used model in the industry.

The advantages of the eccentric eddy current sorter are mainly reflected in the 2-5mm diameter small material sorting rate can be increased by about 2-5%, but because the bearing adjustment system and other components of the post-use maintenance costs than concentric equipment is much higher, the customers adopted relatively less.


Misunderstanding of concentric eccentric equipment.

1, concentric equipment burn belt, eccentric does not burn belt, eccentric equipment to a certain extent can alleviate the strong magnetic material, because of special reasons into the belt with the barrel skin intersection position, because the sorting magnetic roller field high magnetic material will be adsorbed in the barrel skin heat bad belt, but the material after the magnetic material into the magnetic roller internal chances are very small, another even after the eccentric equipment into the magnetic material will also be hot bad belt So can not be completely solved, only in the use of the process of regular cleaning and cleaning equipment, the same eccentric equipment is damaged after the cost of repair than concentric much higher, in addition to replacement is more trouble can only be sent back to the manufacturer for repair, so it is recommended concentric eddy current sorter.

2, many manufacturers on the market, such as wanrooe eddy current sorter manufacturers, the sale of 300 diameters of so-called eccentric equipment are false eccentric, you can look at the test machine with or without magnetic roller adjustment device, and there is a test under the small material sorting rate is stronger than our 325 diameter equipment.