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Double Shaft Steel Drum Sheet Aluminum Profile Oil Drum Shredder

Application Areas:

The shredder has been designed for a wide array of applications and industries, suitable for shredding solid material such as steel drums, steel sheet, vehical body shells, engine case, aluminum profile, baled aluminum, oil drum and etc.

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Steel Drum Sheet Aluminum Profile Oil Drum Shredder Application:
Double Shaft Steel Drum Sheet Aluminum Profile Oil Drum Shredder has been designed for kinds of metal scraps, such as scrap metal cans, beverage cans, beer cans, red bull cans, metal bottles, cans, cola cans, paint buckets, iron buckets scrap tin cans, scrap iron slag, moon cake boxes, steel shavings, scrap aluminum cans, scrapped automobile scrap, waste water tanks, waste radiators, metal drum, metal barrel, tin cans and etc.

Steel Drum Shredder, Paint Bucket Shredder, Metal Shredder, Scrap Metal Shredder, Steel Pails Shredder

Steel Drum Sheet Aluminum Profile Oil Drum Shredder Description:
Double Shaft oil drum shredder with loading hoppers, equipped with high-quality cutters with low rotation speed for lower energy consumption and noise reduction. It incorporates two counter-rotating shafts that intermesh with each other (2 shafts with sharp elements constituted by sharp-corners disks provided with hooks; Every hook has the task to hook the product and drive it by the action of the two counter-rotating shafts). The material is powerfully torn and shredded by the talons of the cuttings discs. A specially designed rotor makes the shredder extremely wear-resistant.

Double Shaft Shredder Blades:
Double Shaft Shredder Blades
Steel Drum Sheet Aluminum Profile Oil Drum Shredder Components:
Double Shaft Plastic buckets barrels tubs shredder
Steel Drum Sheet Aluminum Profile Oil Drum Shredder Technical Features:
1. Our shredders can be employed as either primary or secondary shredders and can be seen working anywhere from the waste management company to biofuel producers;
2. Dual shafted, slow-speed, high-torque waste shredder with hardened steel cutters;
3. The two cutting rotors powerfully grab the feed material, and no matter the feed material is a large piece of hard plastic or heavy tires, this machine can easily shred them into small pieces;
4. Double shaft shredder is able to process a number of different materials; the shredder is designed with a powerful engine, long working length and aggressive input, Internal feeding volume bigger than traditional and common single shaft shredder machine and allow you to use forklift truck to feed.
5. Heavy structure: the frame and structure of our shredders are made of high-thickness sheets and tubular. Blades are manufactured from high-quality steel, suitable for shredding tough materials and for extra long life;
6. Depending on the requirement, these discs (blades) are available in a wide range of quantities, qualities and shapes with the new double-shaft shredder;
7. Any overloads caused by foreign material are sensed by the PLC controller and cause the shaft rotation to stop and reverse direction to clear the foreign matter, and then resume;
8. Cutters removal and replacement can be carried out safely and simply.
9. Our shredders Use a planetary reducer, not a traditional gearbox, and the planetary gearbox has the following advantages: High Efficiency, Greater Stability, Compact Size, Higher Torque Density, Cost Effective Precision, and High Radial Loads.

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Specification Shredder Motor Power Shredding Chamber Size
PNSS-300 5.5 510×300
PNSS-400 7.5 510×400
PNSS-600 7.5+7.5 510×600
PNSS-800 11+11 600×800
PNSS-1000 18.5+18.5 800×1000
PNSS-1200 30+30/22+22 1000×1200
PNSS-1400 45+45 1400×1200
PNSS-1600 55+55 1600×1200
PNSS-1800 75+75 1800×1400
PNSS-2000 90+90 2000×1400


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