Double Shaft Shredding Machine Inspected Before Running


Double shaft machine, also known as shear shredding machine, by cutting, tearing and extrusion to reduce the size of materials, widely used in waste plastic, waste rubber, wood and another large volume of waste shredding. So what checks do we need before the machine runs?

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Double shaft machine equipment must be fixed, should be fixed on the cement foundation. If the working place is often changed, the motor should be installed on a frame made of Angle iron. Before starting, it is necessary to check whether the connecting bolts of each part of the unit are fastened, whether the tightness of the transmission belt is appropriate, and whether the power cord is in good condition. Whether the motor shaft and the equipment shaft are parallel.

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Check whether the tool is good at any time, whether the aperture of the screen is appropriate, there is no damage. Drag the belt by hand, check whether the spindle rotation is flexible, without card, touch and friction phenomenon. After the device is started, make the device idling for 2-3 minutes to check whether the rotor steering is correct and whether the sound is normal. Only in the rated speed of steady rotation can work. In the work, we should pay attention to the operation of the equipment at any time, and the feeding should be uniform to prevent the congestion of the car and do not overload the work for a long time. If vibration, noise, high temperature of bearing and body, external spraying and other phenomena are found, it should be immediately stopped for inspection, troubleshooting can continue to work.
Attention should be paid to the shredding machine equipment pulverized materials should be carefully checked, not mixed with stones, metals and other foreign bodies, so as not to damage the machine. When the machine is running, the operator shall not leave the unit, nor disassemble the machine to observe the working condition of the crushing room during operation, and the maintenance tools shall not be placed on the machine or the packing.

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