Correct Operation Process of CNC Straight Knife Sharpening Machine


CNC knife sharpening machine as a machine for grinding metal equipment, the correct operation is not only to ensure the normal operation of the machine but also to avoid personal damage is particularly important to ensure. So, what is the correct operation process of the knife grinder,
First, before operating the machine, please be sure to carefully read the explanation book, in case of operating error, causing accidental damage.
Two, Check whether the three-phase four-wire electricity is normal, and whether the working direction of grinding head and grinding wheel is consistent with the direction indicated by the stroke button.
Three, the machine in the process of operation, the track should be filled with oil lubrication at any time, beware of the track due to lack of oil composition wear.
Four, in the process of school knife, if there is a fault around, it can be adjusted by the screw on the tool rest.
Five, in the process of sharpening the knife, should be careful that the amount of feed can not be too large, generally controlled between 0.01-0.02mm, in case the amount of feed is too large to paste the knife and the heat is too high to make the blade deformation, so that the grinding blade edge is not in a straight line.
Six, when the edge of the blade appears burr, clarify that the blade has been sharpened, at this time do not need to feed, until the spark becomes smaller, remove the blade, with the stone to burr. (It is necessary to rigorously clarify the application method of the oil stone in the appendix of the book)
Seven, when the machine is not in use, it is necessary to wipe the water stains on the knife rest, butter or oil, to prevent rust.
Eight, the machine on the oil hole, it is necessary to work every day before starting oil.
Nine, the user in the process of sharpening the knife and the process of loading and taking the blade is necessary to focus on together, in order to prevent the risk of personal injury.
The operation process of the knife grinder is almost this. We strictly operate the knife grinder in accordance with the above process, and it should not cause too much mechanical failure or personal damage.


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