Copper Wire Shredder Machines For Sale


What is the copper wire?
Copper wire is widely popular in our daily life. From electric wires, and power wires to communication wires and data wires, you can find them easily. But the accumulation of abandoned copper wire poses a potential fire hazard that can bring harmful effects on nature and human beings. A specialist field of copper wire recycling is therefore in strong demand, and a copper wire shredder is must-have equipment in the recycling process.

waste copper cable wire

Why recycle copper wire?
Most wires consist of a metal conductor inner housed in plastic insulation. The most common metal used in wires is copper. Approximately 60 to 80% of the weight of wires comes from the metal contained inside them. Also, the main driving force to recycle wire waste is to recover the valuable metal portion. Copper is a non-renewable metal whose exploitation incurs serious environmental effects. When recycled these metals don’t degrade which means they can be recycled indefinitely.

Single Shaft Copper Cable Wire Shredder Machine

Copper wire recycling process
The decisive step in copper wire recycling processes is the possible entire separation of the copper fraction from the plastic insulation. A typical scrap copper wire recycling line consists of a combination of different shredders, granulators for material reduction and disintegration, as well as separate lines for separating copper from the plastic part. The reclaimed copper and plastic are then melted and reused in making new products. So copper wire shredder plays an important role in the successful recycling of copper wires.

Copper wire shredder from WANROOETECH
Copper wire shredder is a crucial part of the copper wire recycling step. WANROOETECH is a professional size reduction machinery brand. We offer all types of size reduction machines with a wide choice of different cutting knives, screen mesh sizes and output capacity to meet your specific requirement. Contact us today and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you your copper wire shredding requirements in detail and recommend you the most suitable copper wire recycling machine which best fits your needs.