Copper granulator machine sorting type and separation rate


Copper granulator machine is the current market recycling scrap wire and cable more commonly used equipment. There are three common copper granulator machine sorting methods: airflow sorting and water sorting, and electrostatic sorting.

Airflow sorting machine: airflow sorting is based on the same size of the weight of copper and plastic different designs of screening equipment. Scrap wire and cable is crushed to certain particle size by a crusher and later in the airflow sorting machine. The points blown upward from the bottom of the sieve bed will blow up the plastic particles, while under the action of the vibration of the sieve bed, the copper particles to the copper end of the movement, plastic particles to the plastic end of the movement, to achieve the screening of the two.

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Water sorting: water selection is screening equipment designed according to the different buoyancy of copper and plastic in water. After the crushed particles enter the water separator, the plastic particles float on the water surface under the action of buoyancy, and the copper particles sink to the bottom. Under the action of vibration of the screen bed, the two are distinguished from each other. In this sorting method, the sorting effect is better than the airflow sorting, the output is also greater, but in most areas, the impact of environmental protection policies, can not be used. Moreover, the copper granulator sorted by water selection needs to be dried by copper granulator drying machine or copper rice shaking machine to remove the moisture on the copper grains, otherwise, the copper may oxidize and affect the selling price.

Electrostatic sorting: electrostatic sorting is sorting equipment designed according to the different electrical conductivity of copper and plastic, this equipment theoretically has a good sorting rate, but the output is very limited, generally used to use with airflow sorting, recovery of plastic particles mixed with trace amounts of copper powder.

Copper granulator machine is the recycling of waste wire and cable research and development equipment. It is mainly used to crush and sieve the recycled waste wires and cables to facilitate the recovery of copper and plastic from the waste wires. To calculate the profit of recycling scrap wires, the following factors are the main considerations: the purchase price of scrap wires, the copper content in scrap wires, the separation rate of the copper granulator machine, the selling price of copper, the selling price of plastic, as well as the site, labor, utilities, and the purchase cost of the copper rice machine.

We assume that the price of each ton of waste wire is 12,000 yuan, the copper content is at 40%, the separation rate of the copper granulator machine is 95%, then we use the copper rice machine to recover the direct cost of copper at 31,578 yuan, the market price of copper is about 40,000 yuan, then each ton of copper recovery, you can get a gross profit of 8,500 yuan. The plastic left after recovering copper can also be sold in some areas, and the price varies according to the local market situation. Minus the cost of labor, space, utilities and the purchase of equipment, is the profit from using recycled scrap wire.

Note: The price of recycled scrap wire is different in different areas, the higher the recovery rate of the copper granulator machine can create more pure profit for customers, the ability to sell plastic in the area of recycled scrap wire profit will be higher.