Coconut Husk

Coconut is a kind of fruit that people love. Coconut shell is made of very strong fiber, which contains high content of lignocellulose. In the impression, the only value of coconut is pulp and juice. More and more attention is paid to the problem of resource reuse and environmental pollution. The coconut shell shredder can shred coconut shells and then recycle them.
Coconut fiber is well known and popular for production in Sri Lanka and India. Owing to its many features, coconut fiber is widely used in a lot of fields and being manufactured into various valuable products. For example, coconut fiber is an ideal organic growing medium and soil amendment for potted plants and gardening. By using coir, your plant will have stronger rooting and grow very healthy and being stronger to defend against the disease and weeds. Coir is the only fruit fiber that is applied in the textile industry. It is produced into floor carpets, mats, seat covers, and brushes. The coconut fiber is also very popular in the Philippines for the production of geotextile.