China Best Knife Sharpening Machine For Straight Knife


Wanrooe is a China professional best knife sharpening machine manufacturer, we have successfully provided knife sharpening solutions for 1000 customers, and we currently produce three types of knife sharpening machines PNMD-A/PNMD-B/PNMD-C.
1. PNMD-A General type knife sharpening machine
2. PNMD-AE low-grade/economical type electromagnetic knife sharpener
3. PNMD-B mid-range electromagnetic knife grinding machine (optional ordinary guide rail, Taiwan silver linear square rail; standard with domestic frequency converter control travel motor)
4. PNMD-C CNC high-grade electromagnetic knife grinding machine (using Taiwan Shangyin linear square rail and high-precision ball screw; standard with domestic frequency converter control travel motor)


How to choose the right best knife sharpening machine for you?
Don’t know how to choose the three types of best knife sharpening machines? Do not worry, you need to tell us the following questions, we come to help you choose the right type of sharpening machine for you
1. whether the knife is straight edge, with or without a blade photo reference
2. what is the longest blade, to facilitate the selection of the type
3. whether you have special requirements for the sharpening machine, such as the need for a more accurate, you can recommend the middle – the high-end type of electromagnetic sharpening machine
4. If you are specialized in processing knives, generally use the medium-grade type


The difference between the three types of knife sharpeners.

PNMD-A normal type, the blade is fixed with screws
The smallest model 700 (the maximum length of the blade that can be processed is 700 mm), if your budget is limited, we recommend that you choose this model, economical.

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PNMD-AE economic model of electromagnetic knife sharpener, the appearance is the same as the ordinary model, the blade is fixed by electromagnetic block.


PNMD-B mid-range electromagnetic knife sharpener, the smallest model is 800mm, the largest can do 4200mm, specifically the following models.
800, 1600, 2300, 2700, 3200, 3600, 4000, 4200, etc.! The maximum can do 12 meters and below!

Industrial Automatic Electromagnetic Knife Grinding Blade Sharpening Machine

PNMD-C high-grade knife grinding machine, CNC electromagnetic control, good operation
The digital control system adopts PLC plus touch screen control system, the grinding head is adjusted up and down, the stepping motor and high precision ball screw are used to control the amount of tool feed, the travel motor adopts a common domestic frequency converter to control the travel speed; the track adopts high precision linear guide! Can achieve precision control grinding amount, coarse grinding, fine grinding, once completed, can be quantitative, timing control grinding amount, automatic grinding, no manual intervention, grinding automatically stop, convenient and fast!

PNMD-C Best Knife Sharpening Machine

This automated plastic granulator knife sharpening machine is an essential machine to keep the blades of your plastic granulator machines in top shape. It offers precision sharpening of all sorts of straight edge cutting knives and blades. Keeping the granulator blades sharp is the best way to ensure the granulation process is running at full capacity.


If you are currently outsourcing the sharpening of granulator blades, Wanrooe is committed to helping you choose the best knife grinding machine to save your cost, owning your own blade sharpening machine is a great way to lower your long-run operations costs.

In order to better provide you with a professional answer, when sending an inquiry, please describe your parameters or technical requirements (such as processing materials, output size, capacity, etc.), and we will reply to you as soon as possible!