Baler Machine Hydraulic System Maintenance


Generally speaking, the hydraulic baler machine is composed of three main parts, namely the body frame, the electrical system and the hydraulic system. This article will focus on the maintenance of the hydraulic system of the baler. This is because it plays an important role in ensuring the smooth and long-term operation of the hydraulic baler machine.

Baler Machine Hydraulic System Maintenance

The hydraulic system of a baler machine includes a pump, a motor, a water tank (oil tank), piping, hoses, cylinder(s), valves, filters, hydraulic oil and an optional cooling unit. The pump uses energy from the motor to pump the hydraulic fluid and generate hydraulic flow and pressure. Valves control the flow of hydraulic fluid by restricting or changing direction. The cylinder has a straight, push-pull action. The cooling unit serves to cool the hydraulic fluid after it has passed through the system, and the tank provides energy for the pump. Connecting all these components are hoses, pipes and fittings.

The above components of a hydraulic system work closely together. Damage to one component may lead to further damage to other components. This is why regular maintenance is necessary to reduce the chances of problems.

Some key points to check and implement during the maintenance of the baler hydraulic system

1. Use the right oil
For Wanrooe hydraulic balers we recommend using hydraulic oil with viscosity class 46 or 68 (the exact class depends on the type of baler and the ambient temperature of its working environment) from one of these internationally known bands: MOBIL, SHELL, CASTROL, BP, TOTAL, AMSOIL, etc.


2. Oil change
Hydraulic oil will deteriorate with use over time. If you continue to operate with degraded oil, it will affect the service life of the hydraulic system, and also the hydraulic pressure will be reduced. For Wanrooe balers, we recommend changing the oil 6 months after the start of operation (or after 1500 hours of operation); thereafter, the hydraulic oil should be changed once a year (or after 3000 hours of operation).


3. Avoid overheating of the system
When the hydraulic system overheats, seals, valves, joints, hoses, etc. can be damaged and the hydraulic oil can degrade faster. For Wanrooe balers, the system temperature needs to be kept below 60 degrees Celsius for safe and maximum operation. Depending on the type of baler, the customer’s operating hours, ambient temperature, etc. Either air or water cooling units can help avoid overheating of the hydraulic system.


In addition to those listed above, there are more areas that need attention, such as timely replacement of filters, seals, O-rings, lubricants, etc. At Wanrooe, there are user manuals in English with detailed instructions on machine operation, safety, maintenance and troubleshooting. Our knowledge base of balers explains many technical issues of frequent interest to our customers. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have and provide any assistance you may need. Contact us today, or you can reach us through our online service.