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Automatic Waste Cable Wire Stripping And Cutting Machine

Wire stripper machine, copper wire stripper is designed to strip various wire: Copper wire, single core wire, multicore wire, aluminum wire, sheet cable wire, flat wire, etc. After processed by a Scrap Cable Stripping Machine, metal like copper, aluminum, or steel can be recovered.

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Operational principle:

The main working principle of this machine is to feed waste cables into the machine through an internal conveyor belt, and then separate the outer skin and internal metal wires of the cables through a wire stripping device. During the stripping process, the machine will automatically adjust the stripping length and depth based on preset parameters to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of stripping.

Once the wire stripping is completed, the machine will automatically cut the separated metal wire, and the cutting length can also be adjusted as needed. The cut metal wire can be recycled and reused, and the outer skin can also be treated accordingly to achieve maximum resource utilization.

The top blade can be adjusted freely in operation. The running speed will be changed by 4 gears control.
Efficient automation: Continuous and automatic wire stripping and cutting operations significantly improve production efficiency and reduce manual intervention.
High precision cutting: Accurately identify cable structure, protect internal wires from damage, achieve precise cutting, and reduce waste.
Intelligent operation: The intelligent control system automatically adjusts parameters, reduces operational difficulty, and provides fault diagnosis and early warning functions.
Safety and reliability: Multiple safety protection measures ensure safe operation, high equipment stability, suitable for long-term high-intensity work.

Machine Features:
Double blades can split the wire from both sides; sheath and core are separated automatically.

Application scope:
Various types of wire, monofilament and filoselle cable, Rubber&plastic sheathing cables which size from Φ10mm—Φ120mm.
Daily output quantity:200kg-1000kg.

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Model PNCR-300 PNCR-400 PNCR-500
Crusher(kw) 15 37 45
Feeding Blower(kw) 3 3 3
Vibration Separator(kw) 3 5.86 7
Pulse Dust Removing Device(kw) 5.5 5.5 5.5


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