Applications of PCB Recycling Machine


As the name suggests, the PCB recycling machine is used for recycling the waste circuit boards, to separate metals from resin fiber. In addition, it can be used to destroy the data to protect our privacy.


Use 1: Recycling waste circuit boards
Applications of PCB Recycling Machine

PCB recycling machines can process and recycle waste circuit boards by adopting a dry-type physical separation method. In general, waste circuit boards are usually made of 40% metals and 60% resin fiber. By recycling waste circuit boards, PCB recycling machines can extract these precious metals from waste circuit boards and then sell them, which can protect the environment from pollution, and also bring us considerable profit.

Use 2: Destroying data
Furthermore, the PCB recycling machine can also destroy the data. When we use electronic products, some of our personal information will also be recorded on the circuit board. If we directly discard these waste circuit boards, our personal information will be leaked. PCB recycling machines can destroy the data on the waste circuit boards, which will protect our privacy.

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Well, maybe you will ask: how does PCB recycling machine recycle waste circuit boards and destroy data? Let me introduce it. First, the PCB recycling machine is equipped with a double shaft shredder for the pre-treatment of waste circuit boards, and then first and second hammer crushers will crush the waste circuit boards pre-treated into small pieces below 4mm. By now, the data has been destroyed by the PCB recycling machine. Then eddy screen vibrating screen will be used to control the size of materials to 20-24 meshes. Finally, an Air separator and electrostatic separator will separate metals from resin fiber. The separated metals have high purity and good quality, which can be sold well in the metal trading market.


Due to the high separation rate, environmental protection, easy to operate, etc., the PCB recycling machine has been a good choice for many recyclers to start a PCB recycling business. Welcome to contact us to get more information about the PCB recycling machines.


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