Animal Bone

Animal bone normally is referring to the leftovers of livestock such as pig, cow, sheep, chicken, donkey, horse being slaughtered. After shredding or crushing, these bones can be processed into valuable resources to make a variety of new products. This is why animal bone shredder can be more and more popular.
Through modern extract technology, we can obtain oil, bone protein and bone residue from the animal bones. Oil can be processed into food or used in industrial area. Bone protein can be processed into various food and compound condiment. While the quantity of the bone residue takes up the most proportion which is more than the total quantity of oil and bone protein.
There are several ways of recycling of the bone residue. One is to process it into fertilizer; Second one, it can be processed into feed additives. However the recycling value of these two ways is relatively low. Actually bone residue is the best natural resource of calcium. And the most beneficial way is using the natural bone calcium to further process into various food and even functional food (e.g. calcium supplement products). Calcium is an important component of human body. And the main source of calcium in human body is from the daily food. However, not all the calcium in the food can be absorbed by human body. Usually the absorptivity is only 20-30%. Compared to that, bone calcium is much easier to be absorbed by human body, and the absorptivity is up to 90%.
Owing to so many benefits, in many countries, animal bone has been widely utilized and recycled instead of abandoning and thus polluting the environment. Animal bone shredder becomes a popular bone recycling machine.