Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is a paper-thin sheet of rolled aluminum which can be torn easily. These sheets are wound onto a cardboard tube and stored in a cardboard box. Aluminum foil is an ideal material to wrap and store food. Aluminum foil has many uses and gains popularity quickly. How to deal with the aluminum foil scrap? Aluminum foil recycling is a great solution. Many recycling machines like aluminum foil baler and aluminum foil shredder are applied.

The application of aluminum foil
Aluminum foil has many applications or uses. Below are just some examples:
– The vast majority uses is to be used to wrap food at home or in food service. For example, aluminum foil can preserve food from bacterial growth, prevent light from spoiling the food, wrap food for cooking, retain food moisture, or grill and cover food into refrigerator or freezer. Aluminum foil can also be used to inhibit browning. One popular use is for barbecue. It is a good delivery packaging in takeout food.
– Aluminum foil can improve radiator efficiency as the radiant heat waves will bounce off the foil into the room instead of being absorbed by the wall behind the radiator.
– To slide big furniture over a smooth floor, placing small pieces of aluminum foil under the legs is a very good way to move furniture with ease.
– Aluminum foil can be used to sharpen the scissors and paper shredder.

How to recycle aluminum foil?
Aluminum foil is almost 100% recyclable. But most recyclers require foil is clean and intact to be collected for recycling. Cans, furniture and other products made from aluminum are easy to recycle because they can be melted and turn back into new products almost indefinitely. It is high energy and resource intensive to create new aluminum. So it is definitely worth to recycle them.

Aluminum foil shredder in aluminum foil recycling
Aluminum foil shredder or aluminum foil shredding machine is used to shred or granulate large pieces of aluminum foil into small pieces. It is an efficient size reduction machine in whole aluminum foil recycling.