Aluminum Can Shredder Crusher Recycling Machine


Do you know that the recycling rate of aluminum cans can exceed 99%? Aluminum can shredder shredded material industry profits objective, as long as the right operation, run a can recycling treatment plant to earn money no problem, aluminum can shredding is an important step in the recycling cycle, so what equipment is needed to crush cans? This article gives you some reference answers.


The role of aluminum can shredder equipment?
An Aluminum can shredder is a necessary part of the can be crushing and sorting production line configuration, can crusher can crush a variety of cans into small pieces, scattered waste cans will become easy to transport and into the furnace, reducing transport costs and improving feeding efficiency.

Aluminum can shredder equipment basic selection principles
Before evaluating the suitability of any type of aluminum can shredder, the specific application requirements must be clearly identified.


These include:
The required feed pattern.
What is the required particle size after crushing?
What is the equipment budget?
More detailed questions to consider include: Will the material be fed in bales or bulk for crushing? Are there contaminants in the material stream? Are there site size restrictions?


There are many types of aluminum can shredder equipment on the market, and the clearer the information about your needs, the more appropriate the equipment you will choose.

Aluminum Can Shredder Crusher Recycling Machine

Recommended aluminum can shredder equipment
Wanrooe manufactures a full range of shredder equipment, offering various types of rotors, knives and cutting technology for shredding all types of aluminum scrap. Our single-shaft crusher is ideal for crushing bulk cans, while the twin-shaft shear crusher is ideal for crushing baled cans, and if the knives are specially designed, the equipment performs equally well for crushing bulk cans.


Advantages of the aluminum can shredder:

1, The crusher adopts a high-strength lining plate inside, which greatly improves the capacity and durability.

2, Integral knife box design, the crusher is durable and not deformed.

3, The spindle and cutter are made of imported alloy steel, which greatly improves the strength, toughness, wears resistance and corrosion resistance.

4, The screen size of the equipment can be replaced according to your needs.

5, There are motor and hydraulic systems optional, to cope with not easy to shred materials and improve the comprehensive adaptability of equipment materials.

6, The crusher feed opening adopts a new design, which can ensure that the material will not spill out in working conditions.

7, Other related equipment, such as a conveyor, blower, vibrating screen, magnetic separator and dust collector and intelligent control system are available.


Overall, first determine your needs, and then choose the can crushing equipment on the market good reputation of the equipment basically can not go wrong. If you are not sure which type of can crushing equipment is suitable for you, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to find the ideal can recycling solution for you!


In order to better provide you with a professional answer, when sending an inquiry, please describe your parameters or technical requirements (such as processing materials, output size, capacity, etc.), and we will reply to you as soon as possible!