Company Team

WANROOETECH devotes itself to the development, research and production of plastic and metal recycling machines. There are many teams serving the whole line from production to foreign trade.

Anthony Xia-wanrooe team Anthony Xia
The company’s president, with 20 years of experience in the recycling industry, is responsible for the organization and promotion of the company’s medium and long-term development plans and is fully responsible for the company’s business affairs. Responsible for the public relations between the government, banks, investors and factories.
Doris Liu-wanrooe team Lifei-wanrooe team Alan Liu-wanrooe team
Doris Liu
Deputy General Manager
In order to improve the success rate of product development, improve the quality of sales decision-making, and solve the problems existing in product sales, the organization uses scientific methods to collect, statistical data and report investigations based on specific decision-making problems.
Factory Leader
15 years of factory management experience, responsible for the decomposition of production plans and the implementation of unproductive tasks, mastering the production progress and ensuring that the workshop production tasks are completed on time with quality and quantity.
Alan Liu
Control and supervise the production process of the product, inspect and control the quality from production to packaging, comprehensively check and confirm the machinery and equipment, and ensure that the product is consistent with the agreed content when the customer receives the goods, and the work is responsible. careful.
Jack zhang-wanrooe team Teresa huang-wanrooe team Alice Li-wanrooe team
Jack Zhang
Technical Specialist
According to customer requirements, design, analyze and draw mechanical products, provide technical guidance, and provide complete recycling solutions. The work is serious and responsible, rigorous and meticulous, and has a good spirit of innovation and teamwork.
Teresa Huang
Procurement Specialist
Responsible for purchasing high-quality raw materials required in the production process, cooperating with the production schedule of the factory, and ensuring the quality of the factory equipment. The strong principle, careful work, able to bear hardships and stand hard work.
Alice Li
Logistic Director
Responsible for the initial review of trade issuance and receipt, the initial review and production of receipts and preparations, execution and tracking of the entire process of settlement of documents such as document delivery, to ensure the quality of documents and the correctness of various terms, 24 hours quick response, and rapid Ship.

Sale Team

wanrooe sale team

There are twelve sales in our sales team, all of them have well English communication and expressiveness, they even have more than ten years export trade experience in the recycling machine, they are good at providing customized projects according to customer’s actual situation and requirements and calculate customer’s investment returns from the cost analysis. We have technical engineers and professional sales negotiations with every customer, if the sales not in scene temporarily, we have other sales, etc.