Abnormal sound reasons of CNC blade knife sharpening grinding machine working


When the diesel engine of the knife sharpening machine works normally, it’s dynamic only needs uniform exhaust sound and fine noise, which has certain regularity. There are coordination tolerances within the normal planning among the various parts of the diesel engine. When the coordination tolerances exceed the normal range due to excessive wear or improper repair of the parts, abnormal sounds will appear. The following introduces several reasons for the abnormal sound of the engine of the knife grinding machine.

1, the piston type cylinder, the piston-type cylinder is a common sound history, due to the bad lubrication condition, the piston and cylinder wall excessive wear, lead to open collaboration between piston and cylinder wall tolerance exceeds normal planning, runtime engine piston skirt and the cylinder wall touch attack, “dang dang” loud noise, run at idle speed or low speed compared commonly.
2, the timing of the gear, the gear after a long time of use, coupled with improper adjustment of gear vacancy, poor lubrication conditions and other reasons, will produce excessive wear, severe and even tooth grinding balding, gear meshing loose, machine operation will be announced “crash, crash” dynamic.
3, the piston pin abnormal sound, due to excessive wear of parts, the piston pin and connecting rod bushing cooperation gap is too large, the connecting rod bushing and connecting rod small head bearing cooperation loose and the piston pin and the piston pin seat hole cooperation gap is too large. Make the piston swing in the process of motion, and the cylinder wall collision, produces abnormal sound.
4. Abnormal sound of bearings. The bearings here include connecting rod bearings, crankshaft bearings and CAM bearings.
5. Abnormal sound of the valve, due to excessive wear of taser and rocker arm or loosening of related screws, valve space increases, rocker arm and taser collide and produce abnormal sound. In addition, the increase of valve vacancy will also constitute the engine intake and exhaust short, output power decline, fuel consumption increase.
6. Abnormal burning of fuel may also constitute abnormal noise, which is more common because of improper adjustment or loosening of the adjustment screw, abnormal fuel supply Angle of the fuel injection pump, and early or late injection time, which constitute abnormal burning of fuel and produce knocking sound in the cylinder.
Engine abnormal sound is mostly caused by excessive wear and tear of parts and increase of cooperation vacancy. Therefore, the use of appropriate trademark lubricants and punctual replacement, adhere to excellent operation practices can be useful to slow down the wear and tear of parts. If the parts are worn or loose, they should be repaired or replaced in time. As for the shortcomings such as large valve vacancy and improper oil supply, relevant parts should be adjusted in time to avoid damage to important parts and constitute major losses.

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