2023 Sudanese customer visited wanrooetech


With the easing of the epidemic abroad and the relaxation of control policies in various countries. Mr. YASIR ELSARAF, the general manager of Khartoum alfeel factory in Sudan, visited wanrooetech on December 29, 2022. wanrooetech general manager Anthony and the sales manager Lena Yang warmly received the guests of the Khartoum alfeel factory and had a constructive talk about the cooperation between the two sides. We had a constructive meeting.

Wanrooetech's first customer in 2023 comes from Sudan

After visiting wanrooetech production plant, Mr. YASIR ELSARAF highly affirmed the scale and intelligent production of wanrooetech and highly appreciated the high quality products and services provided by wanrooetech. At the same time, the two sides also discussed the cooperation mode of HDPE pipe lump shredding and crushing recycling line after it was put into operation. Mr. YASIR ELSARAF expressed that he highly valued the strategic partnership with wanrooetech and was confident about the expansion of the future cooperation between the two sides.

2023 Sudanese customer visited wanrooetech


2023 Sudanese customer visited wanrooetech

After Mr. YASIR ELSARAF’s visit, he successfully signed the order with us, Mr. YASIR ELSARAF is the first customer in 2023, and we are very grateful for Mr. YASIR ELSARAF’s trust in us. The main equipment purchased by the customer is PNPC-630 HDPE Pipe Crusher, PNDS-800A Single Shaft Shredder and PNGM-4208 Pipe Crusher System, which can realize the shredding and crushing of HDPE pipe lump for recycling.


Horizontal HDPE pipe crusher:

Horizontal HDPE pipe crusher is a size reduction machine that can be used to crush PP/PE/PVC/HDPE pipes with diameters less than 630mm for recycling. No need to cut off the long pipe, it can be directly crushed and processed, it can crush PP/PE/PVC/HDPE pipe into small pieces or even granules, the processing speed is fast, only 20-30 seconds for one pipe on average, the output per hour can be as high as 20-30t/h.

Horizontal HDPE pipe crusher features:
1. Integral body, strong and durable, keep excellent performance after long time use.
2. Heavy-duty bearing and dustproof device, the soundproof bin can effectively prevent vibration and noise.
3. Paddle rotor adopts the crushing principle, made of high chrome steel, which can easily shred all kinds of plastics.
4. The gap of the knives is adjustable, they can be removed when they are not shredded, and can be used repeatedly for a long time.
5. Separable design, the bin, main body and mesh frame can be easily disassembled, which is convenient for bin cleaning.

HDPE Pipe Shredder With Moving Hopper:

HDPE pipe shredder has vertical movable feeding hopper, which can ensure the full material loading to the rotating rotor during the whole shredding process for high output. The removable hopper is suitable for handling relatively long plastic pipe, such as 3m long plastic pipe, without the need to cut the tubes into pieces.

Under AUTO mode, this pipe shredder machine works fully automatically and the cutting rotor can automatically reverse once material gets stuck in the shredding chamber. The combination of advanced controls, low-speed rotary cutter, ideal rotor configuration and smooth hydraulics create a reliable and easy pipe shredding system.


PNGM Plastic Crusher Machine:

PNGM heavy-duty plastic crushers with power ratings of 55kw to 315kw are designed for high throughput processing. With a variety of rotor configurations available, these granulators have a wide range of applications including; hollow and voluminous materials (i.e. plastic pipe, plastic drums, crates and chairs), flexible materials such as films, woven bags and rubber, tougher materials such as profiles, thick sheets, and other general plastics.